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Casual Meeting


Are you in a challenging work environment working at a senior level? Do you often find yourself facing unique challenges and longing for a supportive network of like-minded individuals who understand your experiences? The Brazen programme is designed for leaders who are serious about making bold changes. 
This programme is designed specifically to empower and uplift women in male dominated sectors, providing a platform where you can connect with other remarkable women. During our time together, you will have the opportunity to network, share experiences, and gain invaluable insights from successful female leaders in your sector. Together, we will foster a supportive community where you can thrive, grow, and achieve your professional aspirations.
To find out more join the next FREE taster session. 
Casual Meeting


  • Networking: Expand your professional network, forge meaningful connections, and build relationships that can elevate your career.


  • Peer Support: Receive support and encouragement from a community of like-minded women. Share your experiences, seek advice, and gain valuable perspectives to overcome obstacles in your professional journey.


  • Mentoring Opportunities:  Learn from their experiences, tap into their expertise, and receive personalised advice to help you navigate your career path.


  • Skill Development: Participate in workshops and seminars tailored to enhance your leadership skills, communication abilities, and overall professional development.


  • Empowerment and Inspiration: Surround yourself with a community of ambitious and driven women who believe in your potential. Gain inspiration, motivation, and the confidence to overcome challenges and reach new heights in your career.

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