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Im a Martha Beck Wayfinder life coach equipped with the tools to delve beneath the surface and to tap into the obstacles holding you back

Hello, I'm Cheryl. 

I spent years in the aid sector working long hours, living in insecure settings and losing connection with people that mattered. Close to burn out I took some time out to reflect, recharge and refocus. 

Training as a lifecoach gave me a new focus and clarity which led me to setting up my business Silverbirch coach. The Silver birch tree is known as a pioneer species as it’s the first tree to grow back after ground has been cleared by fire or glacial ice. It symbolises new beginnings and purity.

Birch twigs were used to sweep out homes and gardens, getting rid of the old and welcoming in the new. The Silver birch has beauty and fragility yet is strong and resilient.

It captures the heart for my coaching practice so well. 


I come alive when I’m helping people connect to their inner wisdom, discover what brings them joy and have the confidence to pursue their passion.


We'd love to hear from you

Dry Flowers

Chris, International aid

Cheryl has been helpful. She is encouraging, patient yet persistent while all the time believing you can achieve whatever brought you to her in the first place

Pink Flower

Rachel, Online course creator

Cheryl used mind-body techniques to help me see why I was resistant to moving forward around the issue of money. She  has enabled me to work out what the next steps are.

Afternoon Light

Gen, Lawyer

It is easy to open up to Cheryl because she is very kind and empathetic. She really does listen with her whole heart. It has created space and perspective around difficult issues and stumbling blocks in my life. I feel empowered because I understand myself better.

Flower Plant
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