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 Supporting you to lead and thrive in an aggressive workplace. I use tried and tested coaching techniques to help move you forward.

I work with people who are

  • Overwhelmed with making decisions
  • Feeling tired and lacking in energy
  • Lost sight of your purpose and what gives you joy
  • In need of a creative boost

The symbol in my logo is a silver birch seed though is often mistaken to be a butterfly. Whatever you see I hope you are inspired.

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If you're someone who used to love your job but now feels demotivated, undervalued, and burnt out, I can help you regain your work-life balance and find joy in your career again.

Or perhaps you manage a team and they need support to go through a change process. As someone who spent 15 years working in international humanitarian response, I support individuals and teams to become more motivated, creative and productive.

Let's talk about how we can get you back on track to a happier and healthier life.

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Get in touch

Cheryl offers a safe, open space. Her pre-session questionaire means that she is ready to make the most of every minute you have together and further more is evidence of how much she cares and is invested in your future happiness."

Claire, Artist and designer

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