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Live like you are on holiday

I've had my big holiday for the year already and I want to share some of that “how to hold onto that holiday magic” and bring it back home.

  1. Embrace Small Pleasures I know that when we are holiday we are experiencing the quirky delights before they become annoying and we leave before things become humdrum. It’s not real life but it can reveal rich moments of discovery. Routines get shaken up when you are in a new place. Make a note of what little things make it special. Is it using nice cutlery? Eating something you wouldn’t normally have for breakfast? Taking that extra time to really taste your food? Im swapping in Greek yogurt and fruit, in a beautiful handmade bowl and taking a moment to really savour all the flavours.

  2. Discover Your Interests What do you find yourself drawn to when are away? Are you keen to discover the local market, or discover something of the local history? Notice what you put on your holiday itinerary when you set the agenda. This will help you remember what you really enjoy. Setting out to discover new places when you return will give you that warm glow when you come back home.

  3. Create a Travel Collage I pick up little reminders of places that I’m visiting - a bus ticket or a brochure for a local attraction then when Im back home I create a travel collage from my mementos. The process of sticking them in my journal brings back the memory from that day.

  4. Engage Your Senses: Find space to really luxuriate in a moment. So if you are laying on the beach, or relaxing in a café, really engage all your senses to take a snap shot of that moment. What smells are you sensing? How does the sun feel on your skin? What sounds can you hear? Take it all in and store it away. Then when you are lying awake with a busy mind, take a deep breath and go back to that lavish memory and relax into it. I still have a vivid memory of lying on warm rocks in Croatia, with the smell of pine trees drifting on the breeze and the sound of gentle waves lapping at the cove. Delicious!"

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