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From Clutter to Clarity: My Attic Transformation Journey

Updated: Apr 10

The Attic of Doom - that’s what I called it. A space that became a graveyard for the homeless items of my life. It was an overwhelming pile of ‘things’ - some with sentimental value, others just random acquisitions without a clear place in my home or my heart.

The Clutter

For six years, the attic grew more chaotic. Each visit was a battle against the clutter, often ending with me retreating downstairs, defeated by the sheer volume of memories and mess.

A chaotic jumble of items stacked haphazardly in the attic
Years of accumulated stuff

The Turning Point

Then, a very good friend offered to help - a beacon of hope in the dusty darkness. Together, we embarked on a three-day marathon of sorting, deciding, and organising. It was a relentless process, but her presence was a gentle force, guiding me through each tough decision. With each bag of crumpled up fabric that I carefully folded I got closer to sorting through the mess.

The Vision

We weren’t just clearing space; we were working towards my dream of a beautiful, creative craft space - a sanctuary for my passions. That's what kept me going. Knowing that at the end I would have a place where I could come and be peaceful and focus on the things I love.

The Transformation

Post-clearout, the real magic began. I repaired and painted the walls, mixing up old sample pots of paint into a unique colour which I'm calling lichen. I zoned the space, giving every item a home. My fabrics, now Japanese folded in colour-coded blocks; my crafts, neatly organised; my books, lovingly displayed.

Fabric folded and stacked neatly on open shelves.

The Clarity

The attic is reborn and has gone from clutter to clarity. I've set up a standing desk from pitch pine door resting on two trestles. I have a sewing table, and storage for my upholstery kit. There is even space for a sofa bed. Every corner tells a story of triumph over the chaos. And the icing on the cake is that I can even glimpse the sea out of the skylight.

The Feeling

It’s more than just an attic now. Instead of recoiling at the mess and chaos, I look forward to taking my self off to this space of calm. It’s a testament to the power of taking small steps with the support of someone by my side cheering me on.

The Brazen

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